November 5: chant-based contemplative morning service

Jewish star mandala

join us at Congregation Beth Israel
for a contemplative chant-based
Shabbat morning service!
November 5, 2011 / 8 Cheshvan, 5772

service at 9:30am
text study & kiddush to follow at 11am

What is a contemplative chant-based service? During this Shabbat morning service, we’ll use a stripped-down liturgy. We’ll pray just one or two lines from each prayer, singing each line several times so that we can really get inside the words and the words can really get inside us. The aim is to move more deeply into each prayer’s theme, and to connect with gratitude, awe, light, love, redemption, and more! After each chant concludes, we’ll sit in silence for a few minutes so that the prayers can re- verberate inside us before we move on. Prayers for the sick will be included, as will a brief Torah reading. The only prayer we will recite in full-text form is the mourner’s kaddish.

Here’s a flyer for the service (pdf format) if you want to stick it on your fridge: Chant service flyer

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