Song of the Month: August 2011 / Av 5771


The song for this month is a setting of the penultimate line from the book of Eicha (Lamentations) which we read on Tisha b’Av. Tisha b’Av is a day of mourning, and Lamentations is a mournful book — but there’s a tradition of always closing with this penultimate line of the book, which offers hope.

The words are “Hashivenu, hashivenu, Adonai Eloheinu / v’nashuva, v’nashuva / chadesh, chadesh yameinu k’kedem,” and they mean “Return us to You, return us to You, Adonai our God / and we will return, we will return / renew, renew our days as of old!” Here’s the audio:


The two Shabbatot when I’m leading services this month are both Shabbatot when we’ll be celebrating b’not mitzvah — and they’re both after 9 Av, when our mood will have shifted from mourning into the celebratory anticipation of the journey toward the Days of Awe. So we probably won’t use this melody in services — though we will sing it at Tisha b’Av. Join us at 8pm on Monday, August 8.


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